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2017 Resolutions and Sea Mercy True Story

0 comments Myriam Borg | 2017 Resolutions and Sea Mercy True Story

I couldn’t help reminiscing when brainstorming my 2017 Resolutions & Sea Mercy True Story!

Last week, I really sat down to think about what my resolutions for this year were going to be…

Straight away! I came up with what I thought were 4 AMAZING ideas (I’ll get to what they were in a minute)…

I was so excited I called one of my best friends to run them by her!

“Myriam…” she said… “That is kinda unattainable you know…”

But why shouldn’t I aim for the unattainable?

For many years I used to dream of starting my own charity to support the truely beautiful country Tonga! I always considered… what if they had access to the same education and healthcare that we are privileged enough to have here?

And Idea that is almost impossible for them as they’re population is spread out across hundred of islands in the south pacific!

As a result the prominence of diabetes and sight related issues is extraordinarily high!

A couple of years back my family and I were on a sailing holiday with a lovely older couple…

During what felt like the hundredth time I had spoken about my dream… I had a moment when I realized… Why don’t we actually do this!

Why do I keep saying the same thing year in year out without making any real progress!

I made a resolution to do something about it and I set it in concrete!

It was going to happen!

  • I had no idea how…
  • Or what resources I was going to use…
  • Or what skills I was going to need…

Then magic happened!

Soon those people who were on that sailing trip contacted me… they wanted to let me know that they waqnted me to connect with a gentleman who SHARED MY DREAM about doing something serious for those people in Tonga without access to proper healthcare or education!

Quickly I got in contact with him and found out that he not only had the skill set, the financies and the resources to make this a reality….

But also the dream!

We spent ages going over the business structure, sourcing medication, donations… he was so clear & focussed.

After months of work of really hard work especially from his side, Seamercy launched our big project and we were off to a flying start!

My vision of seeing medical help received by many of the south pacific islands was realised!

In truth, I must admit, it was not my effort or resources… It was a dream that I see happen. you I just wanted to see something done for the people on remote islands in the south pacific. Life bought me all the resources and the opportunities to make it about. that vision is now a large charity called Sea Mercy.

It excites me to think that something that I wished was a reality is now REALLY HAPPENING for the gorgeous people of the south pacific islands and it re-enforces to me the power of just making a COMMITMENT to your vision and taking your very first step by just VERBALISING your dream and heading towards that vision…

No matter how big, how unattainable it may seem at the very beginning!

This year!

I want you to make your 2017 count!
I want you to reach for the moon!
Even if you miss… you’ll land among the stars!
This is your YEAR!
This is your TIME!
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